Sustainability for small businesses: how to do your part for the planet

Sustainability is being visually represented by some hands holding the earth against an out of focus green field.

Sustainability is a current hot topic with the effects of climate change now felt all across the world. If we want to save this beautiful planet that we call home, then we must all pitch in and do our part. In this blog we’ll take you through the benefits of sustainable practices for small businesses alongside a breakdown of the actions you can take as a company, or individual, to increase your sustainability.


  • Good for the environment
    This one is fairly self-explanatory, good sustainability practices can help to protect and conserve natural resources which in turn combats serious environmental issues.
  • Can help to lower costs and increase profitability
    Using more resources = spending more money. Companies that put a focus on sustainability often find that their operating costs are reduced, and they become more streamlined and cost-effective.
  • People are more likely to want to work with, or for, you
    Studies into human behaviour and attitudes have found that customers, investors and employees are more likely to engage with brands that care about the societal impact of their business.
  • Government concern
    Governments all around the world have pledged to increase their environmental, economic and social sustainability in the coming years which means that new legislation for businesses will surely be put into place soon. So why not beat the curve?

Top Tips

Energy Use
  • Reduce energy usage where possible, turn off unnecessary lights and power sources when they are not required.
  • Talk to your energy provider to see if they use renewable sources and consider swapping to another company if they do not.
Support Staff
  • Encourage staff members to walk, cycle or take public transport to work to reduce emissions. Staff members who live near each other may also be able to arrange a carpool.
  • Offer employees the opportunity to work from home, we all know it’s possible after the past year!
  • Have separate bins in the office, clearly labelled. If your office building does not offer full recycling, arrange a weekly trip to your local recycling point and do it yourselves.
  • Reuse old binders and folders rather than buying new.
  • Go paperless where possible, there are so many digital alternatives these days that work just as well, or even better than paper versions.
  • When you have to print, use recycled paper, ink cartridges, print double sided and only use colour when necessary.
  • Encourage staff to use real mugs, crockery and cutlery rather than disposables.
  • Use environmentally friendly products for soap, dish liquid etc.
Organise Sustainable Partnerships 
  • Work with like-minded organisations and people in your community (this will not only feel good but is great for your public reputation).
  • Choose eco-friendly vendors where possible.

Not all of these options will be applicable or even achievable for some small businesses. However, if your company implements even just 2 or 3 of these suggestions it will be worthwhile in the long run. Let’s all work together to create a better future!

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