Search Engine Optimisation

Proven Digital Marketing that gets outstanding results.

With Dijify we promise no buzzwords and straight forward advice on how to grow your online turnover.

Using Organic SEO, Google Adwords, Content Creation, Conversion Optimization and Technical Support we are able to pinpoint your customers and make sure they find you online.

Online marketing is no longer the future, it’s the present. We believe in results-driven SEO, that gives you a return on your investment every time.

Specialising in organic SEO, Google Adwords management and Webdesign our experienced account managers will tailor make a solution to give you success in the search engine results.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO on page website updates and amendments

Page speed optimisation
Amending website code
Content planning
Redirect errors
Javascript correction
Website conversion optimisation and user experience
Local SEO
Fast, effective, long-term results in your local area

Full website health check & report
Removal of bad and un-natural links
Setup of Google analytics and goal conversions
ON-Page optimisation (meta tags, titles, descriptions)
Technical SEO (off-page, redirects, IP canalization etc)
Google business verification, optimisation
Bing business verification, optimisation
Monthly Citation building
National Full SEO
Fast, effective, long-term results nationally

- Full website health check & report
Removal of toxic and un-natural links
Setup of Google analytics and goal conversions
ON-Page optimisation (meta tags, titles, descriptions)
Amending website code
Technical SEO (off-page, redirects, IP canonicalization etc)
Page speed analysis, & attempt to get all pages to googles guidelines of 1 to 2 seconds
- Quality link building throughout the UK

What is SEO and why do you need it?

You are probably familiar with the terms Search Engine Optimisation, top of the rankings and keywords to name but a few. These terms, when put into practice, are what put your business at the top of search engine sites, and the business at the top of the site is usually the one that the customer clicks on when shopping around. How often do you go to page two on Google?

Search engines such as Google have evolved very quickly and can be the making of your business. Algorithms are looking will check that your website is correctly built, the user experience and the quality of your bad links.

The definition being: – “An algorithm is a well-defined procedure that takes input and produces output.” A simple way to think about it is apparently like making a cake, you gather up all of the ingredients which are turned into a cake. So the algorithm gathers all the information and gives a result.

Another thing that Google uses is a Googlebot. A Googlebot is a web crawling software search bot (also known as a spider or web crawler) that gathers the web page information used to supply Google search engine results pages (SERP). The Googlebot collects documents from the web to build Google’s search index.

With all this technology running in the background you can understand why you need an expert in SEO to keep your business at the top of the rankings. The work that they carry out will also enhance your website to make it quicker and more intuitive for the customer to use and if the customer is getting a good experience from your website they are much more likely to stay on the site to buy your services or products.