Company Values: Who we are and what we stand for

A team celebrating a win, showing that our team is essential for upholding company values.

Company values are the core beliefs of any business. They help to inform decisions, shape the culture and support the company’s vision. These values will also ensure that every member of your team is working towards the same goal. Therefore, every aspect of your business should be aligned with the company values.

At Dijify our company values are central to what we do, they go to the very core of us. They represent our essence, who we are, what we stand for and how we do things.

Our Values


Love isn’t often a word you hear in the business world but it’s at the very core of our team. We love what we do, we love helping our clients to grow and we love our team. We take pride in our individual work and in the company as a whole. Above all, this is our driver to do great things at Dijify.


At Dijify, bringing joy into the workplace comes naturally. The love and care we show towards our staff and clients ensures that they enjoy working with us. Our company culture allows for open and honest conversations, encourages connections, and results in a team that finds joy in sharing their day with one another.


To us, care is about listening to people’s needs and paying close attention to the details. With care, we give a little extra love to what we provide and create so that we can make our clients and staff feel happy and valued.


We are committed in heart and mind to keep growing and to become better together. Every member of our team has an intrinsic value we share to do something meaningful every day. We are passionate about what we do, passionate about our clients and passionate about each other.


Resourcefulness is a mindset. We are motivated to think creatively, to find and overcome difficulties, and to improve what we are doing. Our team are encouraged to be proactive and take initiative to find answers and better ideas. As a result, this makes us empowered to take ownership of our roles and to deliver results. We are a small company with an entrepreneurial culture. Being resourceful helps us to thrive and be the best at what we do. It takes us closer to where we want to be every day.

It is these values that make us unique. Our values flow into one another, we believe that resourcefulness will come naturally if you already love, care, have joy for and are passionate about what you are doing.

How we implement our company values

At Dijify we prefer co-elevation over hierarchy. We work as one team with a collaborative and fun culture, where we are inspired to become our best selves in what we do.

  • Our meetings are unique! On Mondays we start the week by renewing our energy. We use our Monday morning meeting to boost our purpose, fuel our passion and focus our energy to get ready for the week. On Friday afternoons, to finish our week, we meet to reflect on our progress, celebrate achievements, share feedback, and have fun together! We end the week with a happy and energetic feeling, ready to take a break and refresh our minds. We care about our colleagues, we love listening to their achievements and difficulties. If we have advice for each other, we share it. Supporting each other makes us stronger.
  • Every time we launch a new client site, we celebrate with each other. Each website is a full team effort and we get a great sense of joy & fulfilment from helping our clients achieve this huge step towards their dream.
  • Even if we are working remotely, we feel close. We use Slack to keep in touch with channels to share good vibes and jokes similar to what we would be doing if we were all in the office. We use another channel to share clients’ kind words to us, and kudos to the team! Additionally, our team is encouraged to chat amongst themselves in our personal slack channels throughout the day and hop on video calls to help each other out.
Company Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses to get more customers and we are passionate about it. Our values and work culture are the secret recipe for our success: No smoke, no mirrors, simply a happy team aligned together!

What our clients say about working with Dijify

We are delighted !

We are delighted with our new website- it will be a great asset to our small business. The attention to detail that Iain showed was excellent, he incorporated all of our design ideas and also proposed some changes- his advice was always spot on and the finished product was much better than we had envisaged. We would highly recommend Dijify, the quality of the designs, the excellent service we have received at every stage of the process and the incredibly good value of the website make you an ideal choice for any business looking for a new website. Thanks again for all of your help!

Hannah / Bee Sporty

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